decoración creativa

Creative decoration

We design and make daily complements that awaken family's creativity.
Wall hooks for clothes, shelves for books and other accessories with different shapes and colors: clouds, mountains, trains ... our products are minimalist and they have a plus to play, with decorative wall stickers or magnectic pieces to interact.



producción local

Local production

We are a family that has always been concerned for what we make and how we make it. Our suppliers are local and we make the pieces in craft workshops in our local region with which we have a very close relationship to be able to monitor the whole process of our products' different finishes.



sostenible y respetuoso con el medio ambiente

Sustainable and Environmentally Friendly

Many of our products are made of steel, an everyday material but  quite unknown.
Steel is one of the few materials with a truly closed recycling loop. Steel is not consumed. It is used again and again without any loss of quality or strength.



Responsabilidad social

Social responsability

In the handling and packaging we work with the Àuria Group, a series of social entities that cooperate to create opportunities for work, social participation and to improve the lives of the disabled or those at risk of social exclusion.