Once again we have been in the Rec.0 Experimental Stores Popup day. We have brought discontinued products, like decorative wall stickers, hangers and shelves, all of them at super prices. Also samples of products and tests, many of them exclusive since we only have one or two units per model. And some hangers and racks of the current catalog also with significant discounts on the price.

What we like most about being at Rec Experimental Stores is the contact with the end customer, to know if the product like, the reaction to knowing the product... and analyze this information to continue working and improving everything we offer.

Thank you very much to all of you who made this happen and we'll see you to the next edition!

Pop Up day al Rec Experimental Stores tardor 18
Pop Up day al Rec Experimental Stores tardor 18
tresxics al rec experimental stores
A perfect beach day

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A few days ago we enjoyed a new experience, well, not new, I have been many times in Rec.0, but new, because in this case we were on the other side, as a brand, selling our products in one of the Pop Up Kids.

Rec.0 Experimental Stores is the ephemeral transformation of an old industrial district, the Rec district, in Igualada. Twice a year, and only for four days, the old factories and tanneries become fashion pop up stores where first-class brands sell their stocks and samples at unique prices.

But Rec.0 is not just fashion, there is more. Rec Street Food, a street food festival with 40 food trucks and pop up bars. The culture and, especially, the music, also have their space with the Rec Music Festival, with the programming of fifteen concerts distributed in different spaces of the Rec.0 circuit.

Tresxics al Rec primavera 18 1
Tresxics al Rec primavera 18 2
Tresxics al Rec primavera 18 3
Tresxics al Rec primavera 18 4
Tresxics al Rec primavera 18 5

As a brand we haven't a lot of old stock, but we renew and improv many products, so we have some old models and we sell during these two days at low prices in the Pop Up Kids of the Rec .0.

The Pop Up Kids is a space located in the Kids area, where all the children's brands are, in a red container, decorated with a great balloon garland by Pluie de Confettis. On this occasion we shared the space with Suindiatic, a brand of cool cloth for girls and boys.

We have met people who had bought us some product online, people who knew the brand but did not know who was behind, people who had not heard about us, it is great to know your feedback!

Thank you and see you next edition!

Tresxics al Rec.0 primavera 18 6
Tresxics al Rec.0 primavera 18 7

World Recycling Day is celebrated on May 17th, a date to raise the awareness about the importance of recycling everything we throw to the corresponding containers, and thus promote a more sustainable lifestyle model and protect the environment, especially to the climatic change.

Many of Tresxics products, such as hangers and shelves, are made of steel, a 100% recyclable material. Steel is a very resistant, strong, malleable and versatile metal. We find it in infrastructures, vehicles, metal manufactures, construction materials, machines, appliances and various everyday objects.

Productes tresxics fets en acer reciclat

Steel has a long life, it is used again and again, it is recycled and does not lose its qualities. In fact, it is estimated that since 1900, 22.000 million tonnes of steel have been recycled in the world. For every second that pass, a total of 15 tonnes are recycled in the world. Currently we are recycling steel manufactured more than 150 years ago.

The material that is most recycled in the world is steel for the environmental and economic benefits that it entails. According to the Union of Steel Companies in the steel recycling process it is possible to save up to 80% of energy, 85% water and 95% of carbon, which allows reduce 40% of polluting emissions or greenhouse gases. For this reason, more and more is normal to produce steel instead of other more polluting materials such as plastic or glass.


If we recycle, we know that the waste we generate re-enters the cycle of life, we make a better use of natural resources, we reduce the environmental impact of our consumption habits and, in some way, we are more creative when we design because we give a new life to materials with new shapes and objects.

At Tresxics, when we read these articles, we are proud of our work and knowing that through our products we take care of the environment and help to build a more sustainable world.

ferralla d'acer a punt per reciclar
Rec Pop Up Kids 1

Do you know what REC.0 Experimental Stores is? Then Tresxics will be present at the next edition of Spring 2018!

Rec.0 Experimental Stores is a new concept in retail. It involves the temporary transformation of an old industrial district, Rec, in Igualada. Twice a year, and for four days only, the former factories and tanneries are transformed into pop up fashion stores where leading brands sell their stock and samples at one-off prices.

Download the map

Rec Pop Up Kids 2

We'll be there with lots of cloud wall hangers, mountain shelves and cloud shelves, wall decorative stickers, etc...

You can find us at the POP UP KIDS space, at number 38. We will be there on Wednesday 9 and Friday 11.

See you there!

Kay Bojesen

Silversmith and designer Kay Bojesen (1886 - 1958) had a very special talent, he was able to bring wood to life, and he became world-famous for creating wooden toys that had soul. With more than 2000 pieces to his name, Kay Bojesen was one of Denmark's most prolific artisans in the 20th century.

Kay Bojesen iconic monkey

He is best known for his playful and cheerful monkeys, royal life guards and other wooden toys, but his wide-ranging production also includes jewellery, cutlery, teapots and silver goblets.

Kay Bojesen wooden toys

When we talk about the LIBERTY print, we refer to fabrics with small printed flowers. We can find them in many and differents applications: girls dresses, cushions, bedding, wallpaper ... It is curious how the name of an English merchant has come to give name to this style of printing. If you want to know more, you can read the story of Arthur Lasenby Liberty.

We offer you a selection of beautiful products with our loved Liberty print. Enjoy it!

Liberty flowers inspo -

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The mountain, the forest, the trees, the fauna are our inspiration themes, you just have to look at our products to realize it.

grey fir tree wall hangersMountain shelf mint and 12 fir tree wall stickers

black fir tree long shelfMountain wall hook in oil blue

That's why we wanted to make this post about mountain inspired stylish kids rooms.

Forest and mountain inspiration kidsroom.

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