Once again we have been in the Rec.0 Experimental Stores Popup day. We have brought discontinued products, like decorative wall stickers, hangers and shelves, all of them at super prices. Also samples of products and tests, many of them exclusive since we only have one or two units per model. And some hangers and racks of the current catalog also with significant discounts on the price.

What we like most about being at Rec Experimental Stores is the contact with the end customer, to know if the product like, the reaction to knowing the product... and analyze this information to continue working and improving everything we offer.

Thank you very much to all of you who made this happen and we'll see you to the next edition!

Pop Up day al Rec Experimental Stores tardor 18
Pop Up day al Rec Experimental Stores tardor 18
tresxics al rec experimental stores


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