En aquest espai hi trobareu coses relacionades amb el món dels nens, manualitats, receptes, decoració, reciclatge … Coses boniques i divertides que m’inspiren i què vull compartir.

Train wall hook

I love to design small complements that contribute bring in any space where they are placed. Something that can work alone in the middle of a white wall, and also it is simple and minimalist and adaptable to the aesthetics of any space.

Train Wall Tresxics

This hanger has been months inside my head,in my pending folder.. before drawing it, I already intuited that would fit very well in our philosophy.

Train Wall Sizes Tresxics

Very happy with the result and after several tests with our child and nephews, we present our new wall hook.

Train Wall Option 2 Tresxics
Train Wall Option 1 Tresxics