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Designs for children’s rooms with geometric shapes to order and decorate

One of our first products that we designed are adhesive circles in vivid colors. Simple colored circles. Decorating the walls with adhesive geometric figures is a quick, economical way and with a spectacular before and after. Geometric shapes accompany us in our daily lives. Round, square, triangles, we find them everywhere, and children are fascinated to learn what geometric figures and the names of geometric figures are.

Geometric figures for walls

Geometric shapes are usually interior decorated.
Among our products you can find decorative stickers in the form of a circle in two ranges of colors: bright and pastel. To give color and shape to a smooth wall, the trend of vinyl in geometric form is an excellent resource. In a few minutes you can fill with life and personality a smooth wall, applying our moles in vivid tones. Or if you prefer a smoother and more harmonious design, pastel moles stickers fit better. Another model that is already a classic are triangle-shaped vinyls, which you can also find in bright tones or pastel tones.

Our Angle shelf, as its name suggests, is a shelf in the form of a right angle. It is so simple that it can become an invisible bookshelf. It is ideal for placing vertically, one shelf on top of the other, forming a column, to place reading books. By placing the books on top of the shelf, it seems that it doesn’t exist and the books are levitating on the wall. Creating a vertical library. With such a simple and minimalist design, the ANGLE shelves are very beautiful installed randomly, spread over the wall, to expose small objects and combine them with books.
It is a very versatile design that will give a lot of play both in children’s rooms and in offices, telework corners, living rooms or in all rooms of the house.

The hangers in the form of hexagonal, have a neutral and simple design, which fits perfectly with any decorative style, especially the industrial style so trendy. You can buy them in a pack of 2 and they are available in black and white. Ideal to install in sets of 2 or 4 hangers, to hang scarves, jewelry. You can also place them in the bathroom for the hand towel or hanging clothes.

Another hanger inspired by geometric shapes, specifically in the Bauhaus style, is the DOTS hanger. It has simple and minimalist lines but with a lot of personality, thus fulfilling the pillars of the Bauhaus style: Prioritizing function to decorate. It is made of recycled steel, an authentic material in vibrant colors, achieving a clean visual effect, of linear or geometric shapes.

Children’s crafts and geometric shapes

One of the best ways to develop the motor skills of children is to touch, experiment with different materials and textures, paint, sew, trim, ultimately manipulate and create with your hands.
At Tresxics we have designed and created a collection of craft kits so that your children can have a good time experiencing all these sensations. With your supervision you can create a useful and decorative object to play and decorate your room.

Our craft kits include all the material needed to create a toy or decorative object. We have the wood kits and the clay kits. The wood kits, to create a photo camera, a rainbow mobile, a slate smartphone... include organic and natural materials such as wood, cotton ribbon, linen twine, also brush and paint to give color to the creation. Clay kits, also include clay,
All of them designed with simple and minimalist lines, based on geometric shapes.

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