Many of our products like hangers or shelves are made of steel, an everyday material but at the same time quite unknown..

Steel is one of the few materials with a truly closed recycling loop. Steel is not consumed. It is used again and again without any loss of quality or strength. Unlike most materials, steel can be ‘upcycled' meaning that its quality and strength can be enhanced through recycling.

We have news to tell you! A new member in our product family. It name's NURSERY and we have designed it thinking in the daily live mom's. Yes, because we know that the moment to dress or change the baby or after their bath is very important to have everything at hand. And that's why we designed this shelf with hangers and hooks to put their creams, outfits, underwear, shoes or whatever.
highest quality material , like all our products. It is manufactured in a workshop of our area and this time we also have the collaboration of the carpenter to complete it with the f beech wood bar.
Are you pregnant or do you have a friend who is pregnant? This is the best gift!

Shelf and hooks babies changing station
Baby accessories holder
Shelf and holders for babies accessories
Prestatge per l'àrea del canvi dels bebès
yeti costume diy

We did this Yeti costume a few months ago with my daughter Mar. Several people has been interested in the steps to do it, so I decided to write this post, indicating the material and the steps to follow.
It is simple to do, although we need about 3h to complete it.

We do not buy any material, everything is recycled.
The foam, which is perhaps the most difficult to get, is from a local company, they receive their raw material between sheets of white foam, which they then do not use for anything. If you can't found, it can be replaced with cloth or paper.

Yeti Costume hand made tutorial
Step 1. Yeti Custome hand made
Pas 2, tutorial disfressa yeti, l'home de les neus
Pas 3, tutorial disfressa yeti, l'home de les neus
Pas 4, tutorial disfressa yeti, l'home de les neus
Pas 5, tutorial disfressa yeti, l'home de les neus

I love to design small complements that contribute bring in any space where they are placed. Something that can work alone in the middle of a white wall, and also it is simple and minimalist and adaptable to the aesthetics of any space.

Penjador tren negre

This hanger has been months inside my head,in my pending folder.. before drawing it, I already intuited that would fit very well in our philosophy.

Penjador tren llarg per habitació infantil

Very happy with the result and after several tests with our child and nephews, we present our new wall hook.

Penjador tren