Today is the watermelon turn. 

1/4 diced watermelon 
1/4 lemon 
1 kiwi 

Mix and crush the watermelon whit the lemon juice, add chocolate chips and put into molds, add the crushed kiwi on top and freeze!

Our recipe is a mix of these three: 

watermelon Popsicles

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summer + kids = ice cream yes or yes!
We found some recipes that are sure we'll try this summer, today this one: 

nutella popsicles recipe, receta polos de nutella

We have crushed and mixed three frozen bananas with three tablespoons of cocoa butter, then mix with a vanilla sugar teaspoon and a little of salt and put it into molds in the freezer.
Our recipe is reduced from the original.

I'm not a mermaid superfan. But, lately they are on my way, sow let's to dedicate a post!

Mermaid inspiration - inspiració de sirenes

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I two ilustrations that I made recently:

Il.lustració de Susana Enrich - #mermaid #sirens #sirena
Il.lustració de Susana Enrich - #mermaid #sirena #sirens

Searching for some inspiration I found these two cutting paper artists. 

Agnes Cecilia Fideli lives in Stockholm and makes beautiful things like these: 

Paper cutting inspiration blog
Paper cutting inspiration blog

Eloise Corr Danch is from Chicago and has extensive experience creating paper compositions:

Paper cutting inspiration
musics de bremen. diy animal hats, donkey, dog, cat, coq.

We are already at the end of course, feasts and festivals everywhere. I made these hats for Mar's final demo of theater activity, they are quick and easy to make. Follow the instruccionts!

Materials: straw hat, paint, felt or fabric, glue.

Some photos of the process to make the paper flower chandelier in red tones.

I used wire to make the top circle (small) and a electrician tube for the below circle (large), I covered with a piece of clothes in red tone and attaching between them with nylon thread. From the small circle I attached three more threads to fix the structure (Fig 1). 

From one circle to another put ribbons, threads and lace in red (Fig 2). And then I creat flowers and more paper flowers and some clothes flowers and fix them until cover the circles. I also used some natural dry flower in red or brown tones (Fig 3). 

Material decoració amb flors de paper. diy paper flower.
Decoració amb flors de paper. diy paper flower.
Decoració amb flors de paper. diy paper flower.