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Decoration for children’s rooms and home – tresxics

Be the first to know the news and proposals that we offer, consult our articles on trends in children’s decoration. Follow our craft tutorials to have plans for a Sunday afternoon and stay up to date with our newest products.

The arrival of children at home is a mixture of joy and magic, parents adapt the home so that their children have spaces to create, imagine, dance, play. Tresxics is an online store for babies and children that offers all the necessary products to design a nice room for the baby, which adapts to her growth, with neutral and minimalist designs.

Decorative wall stickers

Easy to apply decorative vinyls


Recycled steel hangers and shelves

Meet our fun and resistant wall hangers


Watercolor leaves sticker

Decorate your wall!


Adhesive growth chart

Watch their growth!


Montessori kids room

Products that adapt to the needs


Happy walls, happy spaces!

We help you to dress the walls of your home to create beautiful, cozy and organized spaces. Creating spaces for the family and moments to be together.

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Kid’s decoration for all the family

Children’s rooms should be safe and comfortable spaces, as well as warm. We offer a wide range of modern, beautiful and original children’s bedroom decoration ideas on our website.

Tresxics is an online store specialized in children’s decoration. Here you can find everything you need to decorate your kid’s room. We work with local suppliers and manufacture the pieces in artisan workshops in our region, with which we have a very close relationship to be able to follow the entire manufacturing process and the finishes of our products.

You can find everything you need to decorate your little ones room. We help you choose from a wide variety of hangers and shelves to create a more organized and comfortable space for your child, as well as wall stickers that will give a unique touch, DIY Kits that are educational and awaken your child’s most creative side and a wide variety of accessories to maintain order in the room. The decoration of children’s rooms is vital for children to develop their autonomy. Colors, shapes and drawings influence children’s imagination, intelligence and behavior, so pleasant and pleasant elements in children’s rooms are especially important for girls and boys, enjoy a good rest and relaxation.

So if your child is into cars and trucks, farm animals, stars and rockets… Do you want to create a dream space for your child? We offer you a wide variety of decorations for children’s rooms, both in pastel colors and in more vivid tones, as well as in different styles, including Nordic-style designs, so you can choose the ones that best suit your child’s tastes and have a great time placing the stickers on the wall. It is highly recommended to coordinate the different elements of the decoration of the children’s room to achieve a spectacular result.

Baby decoration online

The birth of a baby is an unforgettable moment, and we will help you create the perfect environment for the baby’s room. We know that you will spend much of your time in this space, which is why we are excited to think that we contribute to creating a beautiful, cozy and serene room.

Searching online for nursery decoration products or accessories is a quick and easy way to find what your baby’s room needs to make it more pleasant and comfortable. You can buy baby’s decoration products and accessories online at Tresxics, a store that helps you create a magical world for them to grow and develop their imagination.

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