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How to color a room without using paint

Renew a room in a few minutes by filling it with color is possible with our decorative stickers. A very simple option to apply and that is also reversible, unlike the complicated wallpaper (both for installation and for later, when removing it), or paint. Forget about engaging with specific colors, as these adhesives offer a wide range of options that will allow you to transform the walls with shades and motifs to your style.

The app is so easy that in a few minutes you will have a renovated room. It can’t be simpler!

Our wall stickers are the perfect solution to give life to your walls without complications. In this specific children’s bedroom we have used our Pencil dots wall sticker, perfect to give a touch of color in soft pastel tones. To apply them you just need to take off and stick on the wall.

Experiment with creative combinations with our range of models: moles, flowers, cars, stars… An alternative to wall painting and wallpaper that is simpler, easier to apply and much cheaper. ¡ Transform your walls and enjoy a renovated atmosphere in minutes!

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