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Vinyl stickers suitable for textured stippled walls

Stippled walls é is a decorative finishing technique for walls characterized by its rough and grainy texture. It got a big boom in the 90s, and its elimination is usually quite expensive, so it is still very common to find it in many homes. Painting the wall or decorating it with decorative stickers can be a very good way to update its appearance and adapt it to our current decoration.

Although there are many variants and styles of stippled walls, in this publication we wanted to gather the most common types so you can have a useful guide with which to compare some styles and others and validate if our stickers and wall decals are suitable for your walls with textured.

In addition, we have also prepared a list with practical tips and recommendations to take into account when adhering our stickers in the most optimal way on irregular surfaces, focusing especially on stippled walls.

Differentiate the different types of stippled walls between suitable and unsuitable to apply our adhesives.

  • Fine stippled walls: Suitable. This type of stippled walls has a softer texture and less pronounced than the classic stippled walls. For its creation a thinner layer of paste is applied and splashed with less intensity, resulting in an irregular surface with smoother areas that are interspersed with the own granulate of the stippled walls. It is the most suitable to get good adhesion with our wall decals.
  • Stucco stippled walls: Suitable. Characterized by a rough texture with small bumps on the surface, unlike thin or thick stippled, the walls with a stucco finish, have a much less pronounced relief, as it is created by applying a layer of paste and then, giving it texture in it by using tools like rollers or brushes. For its uniformity, you can adhere well our stickers and wall decals.
  • Dripped stippled walls: Not Fit. This type has a thicker and more prominent texture, since a thicker layer of paste is applied and splashed with greater force, so it is characterized by having a lot of relief and irregularity. Its extremely rough surface makes the adhesion of our adhesives difficult.

Considerations to consider when applying adhesive vinyls on stippled walls.

The application of adhesive vinyls on walls with textured can present some challenges due to the textured surface, its complexity will depend on the type of stippled that your walls present. Here are some useful tips to consider when applying:

  • Surface preparation: Before applying the vinyls, make sure the surface is clean, dry and dust-free. You can use a mild solution of water and detergent to clean the wall, but avoid strong chemicals that can damage the wall.
  • Drip evaluation: Look closely at the type and depth of drip on your wall. Our adhesive vinyls are best glued on thin or moderately textured. If the stippled walls is too thick, the adhesives may not stick properly.
  • Adhesion test: Before applying the vinyl to the entire wall, perform a test in a corner. Place one of the adhesives on the wall and check if after a few minutes it sticks well and if it adapts to the texture of the stippled walls. This way, you can make sure that the vinyl will stick permanently.
  • Choose high quality vinyls: All our decorative adhesives are produced in high quality vinyl. Unlike other manufacturers, its quality ensures a great adhesion on all kinds of areas so, without being specifically designed to be applied on rough walls, they will be suitable on walls with stucco and fine textured.
  • Adhesives of larger size: To ensure a good adhesion of the vinyl to the wall with textured, we recommend opting for those decorative adhesive designs that have a larger size, in this way we will be able to cover more wall surfaces ensuring greater adhesion.
  • Apply by applying pressure: To ensure good adhesion of the vinyl to the wall with textured, it is advisable to apply greater pressure on the adhesive at the time of sticking it to the wall. With the tip of our fingers and without too much complication we can apply pressure on the vinyl, adapting it to the relive so that it is perfectly fixed.

    And if after a while, you want to remove the wall decals from your walls, do it carefully. Although our adhesives are made of high-quality vinyl, so they do not damage or stain the wall, it is possible that the relief of the stippled walls itself, or the fact of having exerted more pressure than usual, may come to detach a little. If necessary, use a hair dryer to heat the vinyl and facilitate removal without damaging the texture of the wall.

Wall decals are a perfect choice for decorating walls with gotelé due to their ease of application. Unlike other decoration methods, such as painting or wallpapering, vinyls adhere directly to the wall surface, which makes them quick and easy to install.

In Tresxics, we know that the walls with gotelé often present irregular textures and small imperfections, as well as stains and streaks typical of daily life (especially in homes with young children). In that sense, wall decals can help to disguise these stains and irregularities, creating a uniform and renewed surface. You can choose designs that suit your style of decoration and that help you at the same time, to hide any defects present in the wall.

In addition to covering imperfections, wall decals offer a variety of designs, colors and sizes to customize your decor. ¡ Discover all our decorative wall stickers designs, more than 40 models available in a variety of colors so you can redecorate the bedroom of the kids or any other room in your house in a few minutes, giving a new life to your walls!

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