About us

Hi! Nice to meet you.

Our beginnings

I am Susana, mother of three children.

With the birth of my third daughter and living in a small apartment, I had the need to reorganize the space, so the first tresxics hanger was born.

I’m so glad you’re here.

Our Mission

Organize the family space and especially the children’s space in a minimalist, neutral way and almost like a game.

To give them physical space to create, imagine, dance, play … And a space of time to create moments and be together.

our mission organize kids space tresxics
the birth of tresxics

The born of tresxics

Thus Tresxics was born a family brand that aims to help create these moments, with functional, beautiful and durable pieces.

We’ve expanded our product line since those early days, but everything we make still organizing space.

Everything we make proves that functional things can be beautiful and creatives, that less can be more, that an everyday object can arouse a smile every day.

All products designed and made in Barcelona

We are a family that has always been concerned for what we make and how we make it. Our suppliers are local and we make the pieces in craft workshops in our local region with which we have a very close relationship to be able to monitor the whole process of our products’ different finishes.

In the handling and packaging we work with a series of social entities that cooperate to create opportunities for work, social participation and to improve the lives of the disabled or those at risk of social exclusion.

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