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Create a rustic atmosphere with our country-style decor items. Designs inspired by life on the farm with animal motifs, vegetables, flowers…

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Give your home a country Provencal style

Get a country-style decoration with our designs: decorative items that will allow you to create a bucolic and wild atmosphere inside your home. Our original hangers, shelves and decorative wall stickers will make any corner of your home look like an idyllic cottage located in the French Provence or in the English Countryside. In addition, our selection of decorative wall stickers in the shapes of flowers, leaves, fruit and vegetables, among others, will allow you to give a new look to any corner in a simple and quick way. Adhesive vinyls all inspired by the wild beauty and richness of nature.

In addition, at Tresxics we are not only inspired by nature to design and manufacture our decorative items, but we also seek to care for the environment, in a commitment to sustainability and waste reduction. For this reason, all our hangers and shelves are made with recycled steel, a 100% recyclable material that can be reused over and over again without losing its resistance and durability properties. A commitment to a more sustainable decoration and committed to the planet.

English and Provencal style decoration

Bet on a renovated rustic decoration and approximate the warmth of the Provencal or English style decoration. It is not necessary to have a country house to make your home look like an authentic country house inside, for this, choose decoration items with simple and functional lines, combining them with wood and natural materials. As for the tones, bet on soft colors such as whites, grays, greens and straw yellows, pigments that can be found in the natural environment itself.

Designs inspired by life on the farm with motifs of animals, vegetables, flowers...

Among our most original designs you will find a wide range of decorative items inspired by life on the farm. These include decorative vinyl with natural elements such as vegetables and fruits, as well as floral prints, ideal for giving a unique touch to the kitchen or any other room. Our children's hangers, together with the decorative stickers for walls with animal motifs, will perfectly complete the "farmhouse" and country-style decoration of your home... Also in the bedroom of the little ones!

Floral prints, shabby chic decoration

Discover our collection of decorative wall stickers with freedom prints and floral motifs. Inspired by flowery fields, these beautiful designs in the shapes of leaves and flowers will create a relaxed and romantic atmosphere in any room in your home. Floral motifs available in a wide variety of colors, the delicacy of our flower petals and adhesive sheets will allow you to recreate a bucolic scene of nature in full bloom directly on your walls, giving a shabby chic touch.

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