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Wall Stickers

Models of Wall Stickers

Decorating your child’s room in a unique way can be very simple thanks to our children’s vinyls, which are also very easy to apply.

At Tresxics every month we design new decorative vinyl. There are many models of stickers available, of different styles. Discover our models and turn your child’s room into his precious space where he will perfect himself perfectly at ease. Sun’s shape stickers, cars and trucks, boats and waves, elephants, circles… there are a wide variety of designs and colors to choose from. No matter what style of decoration you want for your room, you will find a decorative adhesive that you will love.

Kids wall decals are a simple, affordable and quick way to transform your kid’s bedroom. They are fun to install and a source of inspiration and expression for children once installed. They love it.” They can play with their imagination and the children’s wall stickers help bring their ideas to life.
Our stickers are the best option if you want to make a change in the decoration of your home, without the need to paint the wall or paste wallpaper. Get this wall mural effect with our stickers in the shape of stars, flowers, cars, rabbits, daisies, etc. Here’s what to know when shopping for wall stickers for kids:

Decoration with decorative vinyl

When decorating with vinyl, you can choose from many different designs, from animals to flowers, through shapes such as moles, triangles or irregular brush strokes. They’re a great way to quickly and affordably transform a room, and they’re also an easy way to decorate a plain wall.
Whether you want a change of decorative theme in your child’s room, or if you are just looking for a cheap way to transform your space, wall stickers are the perfect solution. They are durable and easy to apply. You can buy wall decals in many different designs, patterns, and colors, making it easy to find a design that suits your needs. If you want a custom design, just tell us. We create custom designs according to what you need.

How are children’s decorative adhesive installed?

Choose the wall where you want to place the vinyl. Measure the total square footage, height x width. Our recommendation is that you compress at least 1 sheet for every 2m2 of wall to be covered. If you want more of a wallpaper effect, you need to apply more stickers per square meter.

Once you are clear about the amount you need according to the measurements, clean the surface and decide if you want to place the stickers in a regular pattern or irregularly.

If you want them regular, take a template, for example the cardboard from the packaging, place it on the wall and stick a sticker in each corner, move the cardboard so that the stickers that are in the corners on the right are in the corners of the left and stick two stickers on the right corners, which are now empty… continue this movement sideways and up and down until you fill the entire wall..

If you want to place them irregularly, it is as simple as visualizing the entire wall you want to cover, starting to place the stickers very far apart from each other. Move away to see the entire surface and fill in the blanks to cover the wall, distancing the stickers in a similar way. Step back and repeat until you finish placing all the stickers.

Our stickers can stick to many surfaces, you just have to make sure they are clean and dry. They are glued on smooth walls, painted with wall or vinyl paints, on bathroom tiles, marble, wood. They also adhere very well to walls with relief or walls with gotelé. If this is your case, we recommend that you contact us and we will send you a sample so that you can check that it sticks well.

Below you can see the video of how we at Tresxics do it.

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