DIY kits craft

DIY kits craft

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Craft kits are the best way for children to discover their talents and develop their creativity.
At Tresxics we offer a wide variety of DIY Kits that can be adapted to the different ages and abilities of children.

Picasso said, “All kids are born creative artists, the difficult thing is to remain so when they mature.” That is why at Tresxics we firmly believe in the innate creativity of children and we consider them artists in their own way, and that they only need materials and freedom to experiment and produce something unique. We offer a range of ideas that your child can experiment with and learn from home.

Children grow fast, crafts are a wonderful activity to have a good time with the family, creating something beautiful and enjoying these creative moments with them. Our craft kits are designed to create these moments to remember as a family and help children’s motor skills, creativity, and concentration.

DIY (Do it yourself) is a trend that has become today a fun and creative way to enjoy art for the home. Our DIY kits only contain natural materials, we have designed different useful objects for the family’s day-to-day life: decorative objects, dolls with hair accessories, wooden toys that help develop creativity and fine motor skills in the little ones…

Whether you are looking for an activity to share with the family, or if you want to find a moment of individual disconnection, find yourself, stop and rest your mind, or if you want to make an original gift, these craft kits are a sure hit.

DIY kits are a good way to find ourselves, to stop and rest the mind in an act of active meditation, both for the little ones in the house and for adults. Children are full of curiosity and desire to discover, with these craft kits they will have the satisfaction of seeing a piece created by them from scratch finished. In addition to exercising your patience to follow the step by step of the creation process.

Our DIY Kits are specifically designed for children and intended to be done as a family, in order to encourage their creativity. They include all the necessary material to create your own photo camera, smartphone, among many other designs! Each Kit includes all the necessary material for its creation, as well as some simple instructions!

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