Children’s room decor for little adventurers

Children’s decoration articles; wall hangers, shelves and wall decals with shapes of cars, trains, trucks, rockets… Let the adventure begin!

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Children’s decoration items for little adventurers

Children’s decoration items for little adventurers

That children experiment, play and have adventures is essential for their physical, emotional and brain development. It is healthy and natural for them to live experiences on their own, assuming some risk, in their first years of life, that will give them security and knowledge to discover the world and experiences that will accompany them for the rest of their lives.

Your space, your children's room, can accompany you on this adventure in your early years, if we create an adventurous environment. We can start by choosing a low bed in the shape of a house, this will allow you to camp between sheets in your own room, creating a cabin just by covering the bed with a sheet. We can also choose a raised bed with a slide and/or stairs, with it you can live your adventures from above.

Mountain explorers

For the boy scouts, we have our mountain-inspired hangers and shelves. The mountain-shaped hanger, made of recycled steel, includes magnetic decorations and decorative stickers in the shape of fir trees, which you can stick on the wall and have just given you the perfect atmosphere of an adventure corner. Along the same lines, we have a couple of shelves made of the same material and with the same adhesive decoration to accompany them.

In the decoration inspired by the mountains and the forest, we also recommend the craft kits, with which you can create beautiful pieces to decorate, since the kit includes all the necessary material. The Wooden Camera kit includes all the material to create a beautiful wooden camera that will accompany you on all your adventures, it is available in different colors. We also have the Whiteboard Smartphone Kit, which also includes all the material to create a fun whiteboard that you can wear around your neck to draw or take notes at any time. We also have the Clay Forest Kit, which includes all the material to create a mobile with clay forest animals.

Cars, motorcycles, tractors, trucks

One of the children's hobbies is playing with cars, racing, pretending to drive a vehicle, or digging up the entire garden with the excavator. What will the vehicles have that attract them so much? To cover the tastes of traveling children, we suggest you personalize the room with our collection of decorative stickers of cars, trucks or construction vehicles, where you will find excavators, tractors, quads, trucks, etc...
A travel-friendly hanger is our cute train with 8 wheel-shaped hooks. That will allow them to hang a lot of clothes on the 8 super resistant hangers. Or the train shelf, which consists of two pieces, one in the shape of a locomotive and the other in the shape of a wagon, which serves as a bookcase to have your favorite books accessible at your height.
And for those who like to travel on water, we have the decoration for your ideal room, the decorative stickers in the shape of boats and waves, which will give a quick change to the bedroom quickly and cheaply.

space adventures

Decorative accessories is where we can help you create this adventurous child's room the most. One of the most liked combinations in the adventure environment selection are the robot-shaped hangers, our two characters made of recycled steel and designed so that children can hang their backpacks, jackets, scarves on them... And to accompany and decorate the wall we can apply our decorative stickers of rocket and turquoise blue stars. In a moment and without the need for paintings or large installations, it gives a complete turn to the decoration of the bedroom.

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