Children's wall shelves and wall hangers

Children's wall shelves and wall hangers

Models of children’s wall shelves and wall hangers

Design and style can be combined with the best selection of wall hooks and shelves for children to help maintain order in children’s rooms. Do not miss the opportunity to buy them!

Children’s wall hangers and shelves are fundamental pieces in the decoration of a house. They are used daily and allow us to organize our belongings properly. They are apparently simple and unimportant accessories, but they are fundamental parts when it comes to maintaining visual order in home decoration. At tresxics we understand that the main function of children’s coat racks is to help keep personal objects in order, but that they are also important elements of home decoration. Therefore, we believe that these accessories should be taken care of like the rest of the parts of the house.

Childrens hooks are a must in your child’s room, they can help keep their belongings organized and in sight at all times. From backpacks to jackets, hoodies and hats, kids have a ton of accessories that need to be stored away yet accessible. Wall hangers for children’s rooms offer an alternative solution with multiple advantages.
Our hangers are aesthetically pleasing and decorative while keeping things in place when not in use. Different from your child’s storage needs, there are several types of wall hangers that they can choose from.

Why use a children’s wall hanger?

Wall hangers are ideal for keeping children’s clothing and other accessories off the floor. When you need to store backpacks, school bags, hats, and other items, wall hooks can be a great way to keep them organized. One way to help keep the children’s room in order and give them autonomy so they can organize their things is to install hangers on the wall, in this case it is especially important for parents of small children, to hang them at their height, in this way they can arrive and hang up and pick up what they need at any time. While baskets, shelving, and other storage items are great for storing items, they’re not always the best option for keeping things out of sight. With a wall hanger, you can keep your child’s belongings in sight without the need to stack them on a shelf.
Wall hooks can also be great for keeping kids’ playrooms organized when hosting sleepovers, play dates, or other events.

Wall hangers come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, each with its own set of benefits. At Tresxics you will find the wild friends hangers, which are a collection of animal-shaped hangers. They are individual pieces, made of recycled steel and oven-painted, which gives them superior strength and durability. When buying a wall hanger for your child’s room, it is important to take into account the size and weight of the objects you want to store, as well as the space you want to use for the wall hanger, our wild friends hangers are very resistant and they will hold all of your child’s coats and backpacks. Each hanger has two hooks, the arms of these cute little animals, to hang everything you want. They are easy to clean since you can apply any surface cleaning product. Choose the design that your child likes the most, the lion, the elephant, the koala, the bear, the chick, the rabbit… or you can choose between our friendly crustaceans. All designed with neutral colors and combinable with each other, to combine with the rest of your child’s room.

The space: Before buying a wall hanger, it is important that you measure the wall where you want to install it and make sure you have enough space. At Tresxics we have hangers designed to fit into tight spaces, single hook hangers that you can install one below the other, and others with 5 or more hooks that may need more space, with plenty of hanging capacity.

The weight: When you compress a wall hanger, you will also need to make sure that it can support the weight of the items you intend to store. At Tresxics we guarantee that you can hang heavy items, such as backpacks or winter coats. Our hangers are made of recycled steel and all include the hardware to hang them on the wall, in this way we guarantee the resistance to support said weight.

Durability: It is also important to consider the durability of a wall hanger. Our hangers are made of recycled steel, a recyclable, resistant and durable material. In addition, the baked lacquer process with neutral colors gives it superior strength and durability, which can withstand the wear and tear of children’s items. Our hangers are suitable for indoors or outdoors and include the anchors for installation.

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