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Decoration articles following the Montessori method for children’s room. Hangers, shelves and stickers designed to encourage creativity and order among children.

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Decorate the children's room according to the Montessori method

The Montessori methodology began in Italy, developed by Dr. Maria Montessori, based on her experience with children at social risk. The Montessori method is also considered a philosophy of education.

Montessori pedagogy considers that the first years of a child's life constitute a decisive phase in its development, for this reason the Montessori method, considered an open education method, develops an educational system designed to promote the spontaneity of the child, offering freedom to develop within a specially prepared environment.

In this category we have gathered a selection of tresxics products, to decorate the children's room, very similar to the Montessori philosophy. All of them are designed and manufactured to promote the self-development of children. Animal-shaped hangers, installed at their height, help them hang their belongings, facilitating the development of the child's individual personality.

How to manage to decorate a children's room according to the Montessori method?

We will start by designing a children's room by choosing furniture and accessories appropriate to their needs and their age, their first room from 0 to 3 years will have simple and basic furniture. When he stops sleeping in the crib, he will move to a low bed, which will allow him to get in and out of it independently. Another important thing for this first bedroom will be a Montessori shelf, where they will have their first toys, books or accessible objects to be able to take them whenever they want. At this stage we can also install a hanger so that you can independently hang your coat, jacket or backpack.
Another important aspect to take into account are the materials, colors and textures, we must keep in mind a color palette when choosing accessories, with colors and textures that favor tranquility, well-being, calm.

Within the Montessori method it is recognized that in this first stage ""the child is in a state of continuous and intense transformation." When the child goes through this sensitive period, he becomes fond of certain exercises, activities or occupations with an interest and concentration that it can never be redeployed to this particular type of work.
Hence the importance of choosing decorative accessories very well, and to evolve as the child grows and has different needs, such as animal-shaped hangers, designed so that the child can easily hang her belongings. Hangers with magnetic pieces such as the Happy hanger, which include magnetic pieces with geometric shapes to be able to design faces with different moods, allowing the child to express their anger, joy, worry, etc. spontaneously and fun. Or the PLAIN hanger that includes 60 magnetic letters to create their first words, write his name or simply experiment to enhance literacy with them.

Environment prepared to develop their capacities

It is important that at this stage the child is provided with enough information to stimulate his interest and to enable him to use the material, but at the same time, it is equally important that he is only given the minimum necessary, so that the most large as possible for individual research.
A room with the essential furniture and accessories, with accessible materials, books and toys. With accessories such as hangers or shelves, installed at their height and needs, they help increase the independence and autonomy of the child.

Maria Montessori saw that if they were given the opportunity to use freedom when they were little, later they could better face the great problems of society, in this way we are going to help the boy or girl to approach the social and emotional world and to develop their full intellectual capacity.

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