Children's bedroom accessories

Children's bedroom accessories

Models of baby room accessories

At Tresxics we believe that aesthetic beauty is not at odds with functionality, that’s why we offer you this variety of baby room accessories. Where we not only give priority to the aesthetic but also to the functional.

We take into account all the basics of children’s decoration to give your child’s room all the functionality you need with style and good taste in decoration. We offer a wide variety of decoration items that will make your child’s bedroom a pleasant and cozy space. Choose from all our articles to create the decoration of the kid’s room. We take care of the small details of a kid’s room to turn it into a magic space.

Our family of decorative objects for a child’s room are full of treasures that add fantasy and sweetness.


In a Montessori environment, a mirror is not usually missing, which is one of the most characteristic elements, especially in the early ages. Mirrors, in the stage from 0 to 3 years, acquired a vital importance since they will give the baby a great help in terms of self-knowledge.

After this first stage, the mirrors, in a Montessori environment, will stand out having their importance, they will serve so that the children can observe their body and take care of it, helping them to comb their hair, dress or even blow their nose among other activities of personal care.

Choose a mirror in the shape of a whale, octopus, robot, egg… our mirrors are made of a very resistant acrylic material and have a hole so that you can hang them directly on one of our hangers, or you can put a loop on it to be able to move it of site, according to your needs.

Hair accessories holder

One of our Craft Kits is also one of our most popular and must-have decorative accessories. This is the Must have hair accessory holder. It is an ecological wooden doll that has long cotton legs, where to hold all your bobby pins, bows and hair clips. In this way they will always have them at hand and they will not be lost.

We designed this accessory holder accessory a few years ago, when my eldest daughter used hairpins and hair clips. Couples disappeared and we found clips all over the house. We thought of a solution to bring them together and since then we have had this product. It has undergone design and color changes, but it is one of our Best Sellers!

Green accessories can also help your child learn about the benefits of sustainable living and develop a healthy lifestyle. The design has evolved to the design we have today, which is a craft to create as a family. In this way, your children participate in a conscious way in creating a useful and durable element that they will use for their daily lives. As parents, it is up to us to plant the seed of a sustainable future in our children by introducing them to ecological habits as soon as possible. The home environment has a huge impact on your overall well-being and development. Eco-friendly accessories can inspire your child to be environmentally conscious and curious about the world around them.

All the elements that make up the kit come from artisans and manufacturers in our area. Going green is not only a good decision for the environment, but also for your family, as eco-friendly accessories are made from non-toxic, non-harmful and recyclable materials, require less energy to produce and have a smaller carbon footprint. carbon.

In addition, our hair accessories holder has many different designs: ballerinas, dolls in the shape of a flower, a star, others in the shape of a flamingo, a chick or even in the shape of a sloth and a monkey! In addition to an infinity of different color combinations! Choose the one you like the most!

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