Outer Space decor for kids bedrooms

Stars, planets, rockets, rainbows or friendly robots… Create an outdoor-inspired children’s bedroom with our most intergalactic Tresxics designs.

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Decorate the children’s room with outer space motifs

Stars, planets, rockets, rainbows, cute robots... Create a children's bedroom inspired by outer space with our most intergalactic Tresxics designs. A collection of children's decoration products that will allow you to decorate your children's room following a space theme, inviting them to dream of other universes and their fascinating galaxies.

Find all the inspiration you need in this cosmic collection: from a wide selection of decorative vinyls and practical hangers and shelves made of recycled steel, to a selection of DIY Craft Kits in the shapes of moons, stars and rainbows... all items with to encourage your children to create an object with their own hands, letting their creativity and motor skills flourish, while you actively involve them in decorating their own bedroom.

Designs that will help you optimize space

Our hangers and shelves are specifically designed to contribute to the organization and autonomy of the little ones. These are models that, due to their shapes or magnetic accessories, encourage the creation of game and interaction dynamics, characteristics that, together with their dimensions and great resistance, make them a very practical useful element to have in the room of the children. children.

Hangers and shelves with which you can optimize space, and when we refer to space, this time we do so in relation to the storage capacity that we can obtain, for example with our Angle Shelf or the long Shelves pack. Very simple designs but very functional at the same time, since due to their small dimensions they will be ideal for completing the storage and decoration of children's bedrooms or small youth bedrooms, as well as in other types of small rooms such as halls, offices, etc.

Decoration adapted to the interests of the little ones

A child's room should be a unique and magical universe in which to learn, discover and have fun. That's why it's so important to tailor your room decor to suit your interests… whether it's planets, rainbows, suns, stars, or rocket-powered spaceships. By combining our stickers with the robot-shaped hangers you can create an atmosphere in which your child, when it is time to go to bed, feels that he is inside a special ship, ready to take off in search of great things. adventure!

Ultimately, the best way to encourage them to sleep in their own bed at night is by helping them create their own haven, a place that feels like their own and makes them feel safe. To do this, we advise you to involve your children in the change in the decoration of their bedroom, let them choose themselves from our variety of stickers according to their tastes and interests. You will be surprised by his unique vision and the ability to combine patterns and colors in an original and creative way!

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