Animal theme for kids bedrooms

Find decoration designs with animal shapes for your children’s room. Decorative stickers, wild hangers and practical hair accessories holders.

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Children's decoration items with animal shapes

Animals are the protagonists of most children's stories, we also see them in movies, they appear in the first drawings of most boys and girls. The fun sounds of animals are also the first sounds that boys and girls learn and reproduce in their first years of life. Prints on children's clothing, illustrations on furnishing accessories... and of course live animals.

What do animals have that fascinates girls and boys so much?

For children, animals are one of the most fascinating elements of the natural environment. The pigs rolling in the mud, the birds flying, the horses galloping, will be very significant scenes that will become part of our children's lives. If they can also enjoy a pet at home, the relationship and bond that is established is very strong and real, it is considered one more member of the family.

Decoration with animals for children's room

Within our children's designs, animals have a leading role. We started with the Wild Friends animal-shaped hangers, one of the first members of the family of animal-inspired hangers was the elephant, then came the bears, the koala, the apparition of the Lion King, who was quickly placed among our bestsellers.
For the most daring we have a couple of crustaceans, in orange-tile color. They surprise anyone due to their unconventional shape and color in decoration.
In a more romantic environment, the pair of swallow-shaped hangers or the pair of dragonfly-shaped hangers are ideal, which are also ideal for adults. To hang clothes or jewelry, jewelry, kitchen aprons or for the bathroom towel.
More recently we have created a fun hanger in the shape of a rabbit and also a funny chick. All of them designed to favor and increase the independence and autonomy of the child, manufactured in Barcelona with recycled steel and thinking of decorating the children's room to suit our children.
Our products are perfectly adapted to the philosophy of the Montessori method, both the hangers and our animal-shaped safety acrylic mirrors, which allow them to be used to experiment with reflections, to develop personal hygiene, to start combing one's own hair or simply for individual research.

Animal Wall Stickers

Our children's animal stickers are ideal for decorating boring walls quickly, cleanly and cheaply. Nowadays the stages of growth pass very quickly, with our stickers you can decorate the walls of the children's room with animal motifs and change them when you get tired. You can start in the first stage with the sweet bunnies in pastel tones, painted in watercolor, then they can be peeled off super easily and without leaving any residue on the wall, and you can paste another of our animal-shaped decorative sticker designs, such as It can be the elephant with the colored polka dots, or the animals painted in colored pencils.
Decorative stickers allow you to change the look of a room very quickly and cheaply.

Store hair accessories

One of our flagship products are the hangers to organize hair accessories. In their new stage, we have redesigned them and turned them into a craft. The product is ideal to give as a gift or buy to do it with our children.
The craft kit includes everything you need to create a beautiful hanger to store hair scrunchies, hairpins, clips and ties.
The materials included in the kit are all organic and natural materials, such as wood, cotton ribbon, linen twine. It also includes the brush and paint to give it color.
This kit comes with different animal designs such as a lazy bear, a chick, a flamingo or a funny monkey. You will also find them in the form of a doll and a ballerina.

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