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25 Advent Calendar Ideas

Calendari d'advent de tresxics

Advent Calendar

The Advent calendar is a Christmas tradition that has its roots in 19th century Germany. This is a countdown calendar that begins on December 1 and ends on December 24, Christmas Eve.
The main idea is to mark the time until the arrival of Christmas.
Every day, a surprise is discovered, which can be a chocolate, a small treat, a toy or, in more modern versions, even a message or an activity to do.

Ideas for activities or gifts to fill the 25 bags of the advent calendar

Adapt it according to days, weekends or needs

  • Christmas cookie mold: Bake Christmas cookies.
  • Tree decoration: Christmas tree.
  • Window markers: Decorate the windows.
  • Chocolate: Cook Christmas chocolates.
  • Theater tickets.
  • Clay: Create clay decor.
  • Colored pencils: Write Christmas greetings.
  • Colored papers: Make paper stars.
  • Let’s go to the forest to collect pine cones.
  • Christmas Book: Read the book.
  • Let’s go see Christmas lights.
  • Socks: Watch a Christmas movie.
  • Fabric scraps: Sew Christmas decorations.
  • Seeds: Plant the seeds in pots.
  • Christmas breakfast recipe.
  • Garland of lights: Make a star with lights.
  • Clay: Make Christmas napkin rings.
  • Puzzle: Assemble the puzzle.
  • Visit a Christmas market.
  • Christmas snack recipe.
  • Nuts: Cook Christmas chocolates with nuts.
  • Listen and sing Christmas carols.
  • Clay: Make Christmas napkin rings.
  • Kitchen utensil: Cook our favorite dish.
  • Merry Christmas!
Advent calendar Filler ideas
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