How to place and distribute the stickers on the wall?

Fast, clean, and economical. Decorating with adhesive vinyl is a very good solution to transform home decor, adapting to new trends and changing tastes, especially in the case of the little ones, who, as they grow, go through different stages with preferences for specific colors or motifs such as animals, cars, boats, rockets, stars…

Our decorative adhesives are easy to apply; they don’t require carriers, and no tools are needed for pressure. Simply peel them from their packaging and place them on the wall quickly and easily. You can have them distributed all over the wall in a matter of minutes. Additionally, being made of high-quality vinyl, if the position of a sticker doesn’t quite convince you, you can peel it off and reposition it in a new place without losing adhesion. Nevertheless, and to facilitate the process, we have prepared some application tips and recommendations, as well as application ideas, for you below.

Guide to correct application of our wall stickers

Our decorative wall stickers are super easy to install; nevertheless, we want to share some tricks that will help you distribute them perfectly.

1.-Start by placing the first stickers in the corners and the central part of the wall. This will ensure a uniform distribution as you progress in the process.

2.-Continue distributing adhesives across the width and height of the wall. At this point, we aim to fill the wall with adhesives entirely, even if there are empty spaces.

3.- Step back a bit to visualize the empty spaces more clearly. This step should be done when you have approximately half of the stickers applied.

4.- Now, use the remaining adhesives to stick them all over the wall, paying close attention to the empty spaces to achieve uniform coverage with a wallpaper effect.

And if, just after finishing, you need to correct the location of any adhesive, don’t worry; you can peel it off and reposition it.

For a good result, follow the steps we have indicated, and remember that to achieve a good outcome, you should… ❌ Avoid starting to place the adhesives in the same area and very close together.

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How to calculate how many wall stickers I need for my wall?

Determining the right amount of adhesive vinyls is essential to achieve a good result and achieve a wallpaper effect. We give you the necessary guidelines to know how to calculate the number of sheets you need to decorate your room.

Depending on how you apply the wall stickers, you can achieve different visual effects. We distinguish between three ways of applying the adhesives: regularly, irregularly, or grouped.

How to distribute wall sticker regularly

If you want to achieve an authentic wallpaper effect and maintain visual balance, you can choose to distribute the adhesives regularly. A good trick is to use a template as a guide; for example, you can use the cardboard packaging of the adhesives to create a square or rectangular template. This way, you’ll know where to place each adhesive, maintaining the same distance.

How to distribute wall stickers irregularly

If you’re looking for a more creative approach wallpaper effect, you can opt for irregular application. Placing the adhesives asymmetrically will achieve a much more organic and fun effect. There’s no mystery here! For application, simply distribute the stickers across the wall, following the instructions we provided at the beginning to ensure you distribute them perfectly.

Adhesivo decorativo hojas acuarela en color verde tresxics
Watercolor drop sticker yellow decor Collection Watercolor - tresxics
Adhesivo decorativo círculos en tonos azules de tresxics

How to distribute wall stickers grouped

Another creative option we really like is to distribute the adhesives in groups. You can do this by applying the stickers in a single strip as a border or all over the wall in clusters. Experiment and have fun with different options to find the one that best suits your taste and style. Transform your space in a unique and personalized way!

daisy leaves and daisy flower wall sticker in yellow color to decorate kids bedroom

Decorating walls with wall stickers is an easy and economical way to transform any space. Dare to make the change your walls are crying out for!

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