How to calculate how many wall stickers I need for my wall?

We know that one of the most frequent questions from our customers is precisely figuring out, “How many adhesive vinyls do I need to buy to cover my wall?” In this regard, determining the right quantity of adhesive vinyls is crucial to achieve a good result and achieve a decorative wallpaper or mural effect, and all this in a much quicker, cleaner, and more cost-effective way!

To simplify this process, we offer you some guidelines below that can serve as a guide to determine the necessary quantity in terms of the number of sheets you need to decorate your space. We’ve used a bedroom as an example, but you can also use it as a reference for any other room in your house by calculating how many square meters the wall you want to apply the decals to has.

Remember that our decals are sold per sheet, and you can purchase one, two, four, or six sheets of the same decal design.

To calculate the square meters and find out how many sheets you need, multiply the length by the width of the surface you want to cover.

Add a decorative touch to any corner withone wall sticker

1 sheet = decorative detail

By buying one sheet of decorative adhesive, you can adorn a corner of your house in an original way!

We like this option a lot because of all the placement possibilities it offers. You can arrange the decals like a border next to a piece of furniture or an entryway bench in your house. You can also create a cascade effect, letting the decals descend along the wall to emphasize the decoration of a specific corner. We even have more ideas for you! Place the decals in a geometric shape like a circle or rectangle to give even more prominence to the adhesive, creating a focal point, for example, around a mirror or a painting. Let your imagination run wild!

daisy leaves wall sticker in pink color to decorate kids bedroom

Decorate the headboard wall with two wall decals

2 sheets = a 3 m² wall

Decorative adhesive vinyl sheets are versatile and affordable, allowing you to experiment and change your decor easily.

For example, in the bedroom, with two sheets of decals, you can decorate the wall behind the headboard, giving it a new look that will transform a plain white wall into a more vibrant and colorful space. With two sheets, you can also decorate any other wall of similar dimensions, such as the window wall in your room, the desk area in your office, or the changing table for your baby. Our decals are so versatile that you can even apply them to bathroom tiles or use them to decorate your furniture, such as sticking the vinyls on the back of a bookshelf. Dare you? 

Decorate the bed wall with decorative vinyls

4 sheets = a 6 m² wall

Achieve a wall paper effect by using four sheets of decorative decals, the perfect quantity to transform the bed wall!

Our decals are made with high-quality matte vinyl, without contours, making them perfect for achieving a painted mural or wallpaper effect. If you want to achieve this effect, four sheets are the recommended minimum quantity. The result will not disappoint you; we guarantee it! And while we used a bedroom as a reference, this same number of sheets is applicable to any other wall with dimensions similar to those of a bed’s length.

Vinilo decorativo hojas acuarela en color gris
Watercolor dots sticker brown decor Collection Watercolor - tresxics

Decorate the main wall of the room with decorative decals

6 sheets = a 9 m² wall

Unleash your creativity and transform your home with our adhesive vinyls! They say less is more… except when it comes to decorative decals!

From our experience, the more stickers you use, the more you can achieve a wallpaper effect. Buy 6 or more, to make the main wall of your bedroom the starting point for decorating the entire room by covering it from top to bottom with our easily applicable adhesive vinyls. This is also applicable to the living room wall, the stairwell, or the attic wall, and even the ceiling. A burst of color that will completely transform the room where you decide to apply the decals!

Take a look at our entire collection of decorative vinyls and find the design that best fits your home decor. You can see that the possibilities are endless! If you have more questions or need additional assistance, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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