Rec.0 Experimental Stores una experiencia fabulosa

A few days ago we enjoyed a new experience, well, not new, I have been many times in Rec.0, but new, because in this case we were on the other side, as a brand, selling our products in one of the Pop Up Kids.

Rec.0 Experimental Stores is the ephemeral transformation of an old industrial district, the Rec district, in Igualada. Twice a year, and only for four days, the old factories and tanneries become fashion pop up stores where first-class brands sell their stocks and samples at unique prices.

But Rec.0 is not just fashion, there is more. Rec Street Food, a street food festival with 40 food trucks and pop up bars. The culture and, especially, the music, also have their space with the Rec Music Festival, with the programming of fifteen concerts distributed in different spaces of the Rec.0 circuit.

As a brand we haven’t a lot of old stock, but we renew and improv many products, so we have some old models and we sell during these two days at low prices in the Pop Up Kids of the Rec .0.

The Pop Up Kids is a space located in the Kids area, where all the children’s brands are, in a red container, decorated with a great balloon garland by Pluie de Confettis. On this occasion we shared the space with Suindiatic, a brand of cool cloth for girls and boys.

We have met people who had bought us some product online, people who knew the brand but did not know who was behind, people who had not heard about us, it is great to know your feedback!

Thank you and see you next edition!

Rec.0 Experimental Stores a fabulous experience girls buying
Rec.0 Experimental Stores a fabulous experience tresxics store
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