We make a cuddly toy

We make a cuddly toy

This activity can be done by children from 6 years old with the help of an adult.

Material required:

– A pair of socks.
– Thread and needle.
– Buttons.
– Nylon foam or other material for filling.

Steps for making a cuddly toy:

Step 1

Cut one of the socks in half from the toe to the heel and sew with the sock turned upside down.

Step 2

Turn the sock over and fill it in.

Step 3

Make the arms, using the other sock, just as we have made the legs. We fill them and sew them.

Step 4

We can use the heel of the other sock to make the snout. Cut out the gutter part to make a cap. A pair of buttons to make eyes…

Step 5

Everyone can do it to their liking … with or without ears …

Step 6

Or with a moustache and tiger ears … or cat … 😉

Handmade inspired by the classic monkey sock 😉

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