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Tions advent calendar

Yes, we did keep the paper roll cartons for many days! Even some relatives saved us their! And when we had a full bag, although we did not know very well what the gardavem…

It was the end of November, we thought they could be used to make our family advent calendar … in recent years we usually do it ourselves, it’s more fun! After thinking about it a few times, we decided we would make 25 thionets!

Necessary material:

  • 25 cartons of toilet paper roll
  • Paperboard
  • Line
  • Clothing clippings
  • 25 little surprises

The first thing we have to do is cover the tubes on one side (which will be the face) and put a door on the other side (which will be the ass). Then we can make some legs, cutting out two pieces of cardboard, and we have the tió done !!

And now it’s just a matter of decorating it! We made eyes, mouth, barretina and blanket:

The eyes are two pieces of black cardboard glued together, the mouth is made with a marker, the barretina is a piece of red felt with a black stripe, and the blanket is a piece of colored fabric.

And now is when the children go to sleep and the only thing left to do is fill the bellies’ bellies with little gifts: erasers, chocolates, sweets, little figurines, needle sharpeners, etc … We cover them well, putting a drop of glue and we list them from 1 to 25.

If you dare to do it, but you do not have enough paper rolls, you can download this template that you will find below to make the cylinders and you will only have to decorate!

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