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Recommended books (II)

This year we like share with you a few books to give to your kids next April 23rd for the International books Day, and also to St. George’s Day, a very special date in Catalonia, the place where we live. A very ancient tradition created around the legend of St. George, our patron, where every woman receives a rose on this day, and most recently, the man also receives a book as a gift.

A very great opportunity to make children participate of this festivity, buying a book for them too. For these reasons, we share a few books (writing in Catalan and also too in Spanish) to bring and gifted to your kids

For a more proposals, you can read our old post; Recomended books (I) a selection we will prepare last St. George’s Day with a selection from our reference booksellers.

So, we wanted to call a three great Instagram mommies we follow and ask them some recommendations of books they read recently with their kids. Eight books you can discover bellow:

La Clara, (@claravm) és mare de tres fills i viuen a Girona, una preciosa ciutat medieval de Catalunya. Ella ens ha recomanat:

La princesa, el drac i el cavaller desarmat

  • Author: Joan Turu 
  • Illustrator: Joan Turu
  • Years: from 5 years old

This legend of St. George is not as you know it. You’ve probably been told a different version, a biased story full of half-truths that has little to do with what really happened. There are no charred princesses, no fierce dragons, no armed knights. It is precisely the gaze of the knight Jordi that changes the destiny of the winged beast and of the whole people. Maybe that’s how it happened … who knows.

La fábrica de etiquetas

  • Author: Emma Piquer
  • Ilustration: CALLE E. C. G.
  • Years: from 5 years old

An evil wizard, an army of ravens and labels that no one could take off. A story to defeat the labels. Can you help us eliminate them? A label reduces what we really are. One word cannot sum up who you are. You are so much more! A book that highlights the effects that labels have, both negative and positive, on people. Claims a label-free childhood.

No despertis mai un DRAC!

  • Author: Bianca Schulze
  • Illustrator: Samara Hardy
  • Years: from 3 years old

The naughty dragon has a very fine sleep and anything wakes her up. Little readers need to be careful and learn not to wake her up … and in the end they too will fall asleep. An ideal interactive book to look at in bed.

El pirata Guiomar: mil contes per explicar

  • Author: Helen Docherty & Thomas Docherty
  • Translator: Marta Armengo
  • Years: from 3 years old

Guiomar always carries the Pirate Handbook under her arm; all the secrets and tricks needed to navigate are well known. And, although Captain Mastegot doesn’t like books, when the journey is complicated, Guiomar’s manual saves their lives. And if a message arrives in a bottle with the largest treasure map ever found, this story becomes an extraordinary event. A library on board!

Danae, (@danaeandco) lives in Barcelona and she recommended us the current favorite books from their two daughters;

El meu llitet

  • Author: J. S. Pinillos
  • Illustration: Julen Rodríguez
  • Years: from 3 years old

A story that has served as an example to thousands of children who did not want to sleep alone in their beds. This story is based on the true story of a girl and her crib. This girl will learn that sleeping in her bed every night made her very happy, because there she was waiting for a whole world of experiences to discover.


  • Author: Oh! Mami Blue
  • Illustrator: Marina Mayor
  • Years: from 2 years old

There are as many families as ways of loving. A family does not need to be explained, only lived. This illustrated album presents 14 vignettes with different families where the bed is the main stage. The illustrations accompanied by texts in rhyme, with which the authors normalize family diversity and consider families as a space of love and care.

Marta (@mumandhome_) also lives in Barcelona and has two daughters and one son. And she recommended us two books to grow and learn to identify our emotions since childhood.

A vegades em sento PETITA

  • Author: Vanesa Martínez, Viv Campbell
  • Translator: Maria Viu Rodríguez
  • Years: from 4 years old

We often feel little, but if we look at the people around us, we realize that we can be big, very big. Smaller gestures are important and lead to giant actions. Each of us can make a difference. It is through the eyes of a girl that we best appreciate the greatness of the world, which excites and transforms us.

Els homes plorem

  • Author: Joan Turu
  • Illustrator: Joan Turu
  • Years: from 5 years old

Nil is confused. He notices that he is growing up and knows that when he grows up, children become men. But … what is it like to be a man? He looks around, watches his family, the men on television, the street … And he already feels ready, today Nil will be presented at school as a whole man. Join the Nil on the adventure of growing up and discovering the importance of feeling and being yourself

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