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The main material of tresxics products is recycled steel

The main material of Tresxics products is recycled steel

World Recycling Day is celebrated on May 17th, a date to raise the awareness about the importance of recycling everything we throw to the corresponding containers, and thus promote a more sustainable lifestyle model and protect the environment, especially to the climatic change.

Many of tresxics products, such as hangers and shelves, are made of steel, a 100% recyclable material. Steel is a very resistant, strong, malleable and versatile metal. We find it in infrastructures, vehicles, metal manufactures, construction materials, machines, appliances and various everyday objects.

Steel has a long life, it is used again and again, it is recycled and does not lose its qualities. In fact, it is estimated that since 1900, 22.000 million tonnes of steel have been recycled in the world. For every second that pass, a total of 15 tonnes are recycled in the world. Currently we are recycling steel manufactured more than 150 years ago.

The material that is most recycled in the world is steel for the environmental and economic benefits that it entails. According to the Union of Steel Companies in the steel recycling process it is possible to save up to 80% of energy, 85% water and 95% of carbon, which allows reduce 40% of polluting emissions or greenhouse gases. For this reason, more and more is normal to produce steel instead of other more polluting materials such as plastic or glass.

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If we recycle, we know that the waste we generate re-enters the cycle of life, we make a better use of natural resources, we reduce the environmental impact of our consumption habits and, in some way, we are more creative when we design because we give a new life to materials with new shapes and objects.

At tresxics, when we read these articles, we are proud of our work and knowing that through our products we take care of the environment and help to build a more sustainable world.

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